Winnipeg Fashion Blogger – Summer Beach Shoot

February 28, 2018

This shoot has always been one of my favourite portrait sessions and for so many reasons! Quinn, first off is one of the cutest people I know and her soft cinnamon hair is absolutely stunning. She is a Winnipeg fashion blogger and you should most definitely take a peek at her blog, Darling in Scarlet. She also did a blog post on this shoot here. Matlock beach is one of my favourite places to shoot, with the soft waves coming in and the California-esque rocks lying about, it really takes me to another world.

Quinn and I drove out to Matlock together from Winnipeg, which isn’t a terribly far drive. Our own little corner of paradise, less than an hour away! We shot for hours that night and I had hundreds of amazing photos to take from our little trip, and a new friend! I love getting to know all of the spectacular people in the industry, so come say hello and let’s shoot!