Winnipeg Graduation Shoot at Assiniboine Park – Ashley

Couples Grad
July 5, 2017

Ashley’s Winnipeg graduation shoot at Assiniboine Park was such a fun evening.  She was the first of my 2017 grad girls and we certainly started off grad season with a bang!  We ended up starting late due to long makeup appointments and traffic. To make up for lost time, we used the light of some sparklers to get some amazing dusk photos!  Ashley’s boyfriend Micah joined us and it made for some of the sweetest photos! Seriously, cutest couple ever! (So for any of you girls, if you’re wondering if your guy can be in a few photos, the answer is yes!  I love incorporating the things that are most important to you!)

The Assiniboine park is so full of different locations that we barely had enough daylight to make use of all of them.  We used every last ounce of light available that day and it was completely worth it!

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