Winnipeg Graduation Shoot in Sandilands, MB – Sheila

July 3, 2017

Sheila’s Winnipeg graduation shoot was nothing short of magical.  For her grad shoot, we drove out to Sandilands, which is a quick little drive from Steinbach. Once we arrived, we made the most of the location by gathering flowers and ferns for cute little bouquets and traipsing through the lush forest!  Everything was amazingly green, which made her lovely, soft pink dress stand out beautifully! Conveniently, some of the wildflowers even matched her dress, so we made sure to use lots of those. Luckily, our evening had perfect weather and soft, beautiful lighting and a gorgeous grad! I feel like we just stepped into a fairy tale looking at these photos! As the night wore on, we sucked up every last ray of light, right up until the hazy sunset!